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Recently I was lucky enough to be one of 20 permitted people to hike in a fragile wilderness area where there is no trail. I went to a place called The Wave, an insanely beautiful sandstone formation on the AZ/UT border. For an idea of what it looks like:

So, obviously exploring all of that was beyond cool. I hike a lot. I go into the backcountry when I can. Again - this was complete wilderness, far cut off from civilization, off trail, fairly warm even now, totally exposed, sandy and rocky. But when I got to the final area I turned into Judgey McJudgerson due to two other women.


These ladies were wearing tiny dresses. Honestly, they were sexy dresses and I wished I had them. Wearing them on a remote desert hike, though? What? They were barefoot. They then proceeded to pose seductively in front of a group of 20 strangers, encouraged men they didn't know to take their pictures (and yep, all the men were super into it), posed with foreign male visitors, and loudly asked, "Do I have sand on my ass?"

Okay, look, I really don't like myself when I judge things like this, but this particular incident was SO BIZARRE. There was a lot of eye rolling on my end. What was happening?! I feel like they were playing a practical joke that never made sense.

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