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Right, So Oops...I Bought A New Phone. App Help?

"Jenna," you ask, "how does one accidentally buy a phone?"

Well, you see. (tl;dr at end.)

I've had an iPhone 4 for three years. I love him. LOVE. But he's three years old, and the home button hasn't been working right for a few months. I've known I've needed a new one, but have been putting it off on account of aforementioned love. Also, I hate change. The extent of my research was asking coworkers "what kind of phone do you have? Do you like it?"


I'd been putting off upgrading that new fucking iOS forever. Like I said, I hate change. Sadly, my apps were starting to refuse to update until I updated my iOS. WOW. SUCH VOM. That shit sucks. In addition to looking ridiculous, I couldn't look at it for long. It killed my eyes. I even inverted my colors, but nope, still shitty. I decided to go to the Verizon store after work to hold different phones and see how they felt in my hand, and ask about expandable storage in the Galaxy S4 Mini. (Roomie has the S4, and I really like the interface, but it's hyooge. I miss my old bitty Nokia from 2003.)

I went to the Verizon store, made it clear that I wasn't buying right then. That I wanted to feel the phones and then research more. Let's be real, though. Upon seeing that my desired phone was very similar in size to my current phone, AND it can take a MicroSD card, not much more research was going to be done. Just online deal prices.

This made the salesdude go kind of nuts, and he just started waiving fees and cutting prices. I was NOT ready to trade my phone in, but he told me I could do so at another time (too much data that I'm not sure I've backed up) for credit still, but if I traded it yesterday, it waives the activation fee. I would only get $40 for the phone, but activation is 35, blah blah, but he'd waive the activation fee instead (he wanted the commission, natch) and the phone itself was $150, but I have a $150 rebate with purchase, so the only thing that I was buying was my case, which he took ten dollars off of.

Sooo. I did it. After I'm satisfied that I've got everything backed up from my iPhone, and have stopped being neurotic about getting rid of it, I'll trade it in for a headset or something.



What Android apps do you find particularly handy? I'm not unfamiliar with phone apps or with Droid apps, but my phone app needs are different from my tablet app needs, and there might be gems that Droid has that Apple didn't.


PS, I lurve my new phone. It's sleeker, faster, and more intuitive. And newer, heh.

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