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Right, so this still sucks

Remember all that flooding the Greater St. Louis area had around Dec 28th? That weekend where it rained over 12 inches and there was massive flooding of the Meramec River?

Two wastewater treatment facilities were majorly affected - Valley Park’s and the Fenton one. Valley Park’s is back online and doing it’s thing since about the middle of January. If I recall, they also managed to shut it down without any sewage leakage.

The Fenton one started dumping raw sewage into the Meramec on Dec. 28th because of the 6 feet of floodwaters destroyed the controls.



They process 5 million gallons of sewage a day. Well, by process we currently mean dump in the river.

They are hoping to have the plant back in full operation in April. Fucking April!

Metropolitan Sewer District (the sewer utility) is telling people to avoid swimming in the Meramec south of the Fenton facility. You think? Many of us who remember Times Beach already knew not to swim in the Meramec (plus it has a wicked undertow in places), but it’s popular for float trips and canoeing. Not to mention all the wildlife that access it.


FYI the Meramec drains into the Mississippi not too far from here. I mean, the call it the Muddy Mississippi, so I guess raw sewage won’t be too noticeable....

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