So, those of you who foolishly maintain an interest in Wikipedia wankery might find this amusing. It all started with a post on the main page about how female authors were being booted from the Wikipedia page for American Novelists. Unsurprisingly, the situation went straight to the usual ugly backlash against the woman who first raised the issue. The two guys involved (and in the end, it was really just two men behind the whole thing) flamed out pretty spectacularly, and we talked about it a little bit here on GT.

The flameout continues, as Qworty, the most odious one, got doxxed to the maxx over at Salon. If you're interested in troll psychology, schadenfreude, or some combination of the two, you might want to give it a look. The guy's a self-aggrandizing hypocritical turd, and I hope he's very, very embarrassed right now.