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Rights Not Rescue -- Teespring Campaign

The last half of this year has been rough. I lost my dad, and while we weren't close, the emotional struggle with my family was exhausting. Soon after that I was fired from that crazy as hell restaurant, which was the topic of my first posts here on GT. I think... that kind of put things on a standstill and ever since then I have been trying to play catch up with bills and with life expenses.. and as many know playing catch up can turn into what feels like a never ending game.

What helped getting me through off all of that was working with Everyday Whorephobia (@whorephobia).. launching a fundraiser for two young ladies' families in their time of need and just kind of losing myself in all of that. But then the backlash with the fundraiser happened, and when I finally did land a job the hours were so few that I am barely living check to check.

I've seen crowd funding for bills, and I can't knock them.. but I also have a ridiculous large amount of pride but also don't want to feel selfish. Working within different groups and starting to be apart of larger discussions, I don't want to do what would feel like profiting. I don't think I need help. But I do.

So my compromise with myself was this. To create a campaign, and donate half of whatever I make to SWOP (Sex Worker Outreach Project). It helps me make ends meet and also helps SWOP which is an organization I wholeheartedly believe in.

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The hoodies are simple because the idea is simple. I see too many allies take up causes as if they are the Dark Knight and the marginalized the damsels. To me the statement doesn't apply only to sex worker rights either.

50 is the minimum needed to print. If the minimum isn't met then the shirts aren't printed. You basically reserve the shirt until it hits the goal. Once the goal is hit, they make the shirts and ship them out.

If you can't afford to at this time, totally cool. RT or Share the link? Or donate a few bucks to SWOP?


http://www.swopusa.org/donations/ <—-SWOP Donation Page.

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