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RIP, my sweet Emmett

If you looked at Fur Face Friday this week, you may have seen me post that Emmett was sick. He seemed to be doing better, but, late last night, he took a turn for the worse. We had to rush him over an hour away to the Cornell emergency vet clinic as no local emergency vets take bunny patients. When we got there, he wasn’t breathing well. They put him in an oxygen tent then started to examine him and his heart stopped. They tried CPR, but he did not make it. He wasn’t even two. I have helped raise countless baby buns over the past two years and none have come close to being as special as Emmett. I could tell he was special from the time he was a newborn and referred to him as “my special” before choosing his name. I thought of Emmett in the Lego Movie because he was called “the special” and the name stuck. Each morning when I would come into his room, he would spin and buzz with excitement (and then hump his stuffed dinosaur). When I did my makeup, he would tug at my pants because I wasn’t giving him enough attention, and then he would either hop up onto my bench to sit with me at my vanity or lie by my feet. Every day, he gave me kisses. I feel so lucky that even though he was so low on energy yesterday, he still found a little energy to give me my kisses. There has never been a bunny so loved. I am completely heartbroken.


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