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Welcome To The Bitchery
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RIP Paper and App Reccs

I’m so sad today that I logged onto Facebook in my phone to find that the Paper app is being discontinued. I’m not getting any new posts on it and you will no longer be able to log on as of July 29.

This is a tragedy, considering I’m boycotting the Messenger app because there is no need for that to be a separate app for the occasional private message. Also, it was so nice to swipe for news! One swipe, I got general news. Two swipes, the recently discontinued Women’s News. Three swipes, LGBT news. Four swipes, home decor articles. Also, I just liked the horizontal news feed.


I recommended it to everyone. So in memory of a good app, what are your recommended apps, for productivity or otherwise?

I tell everyone to get the Google Photos app. 1. You can have photos accesible without taking up room in your Camera Roll. 2. Great search function, I typed in “Fall” the other day and got all my foliage pictures. I’ve also search “dog” and “beach” to find a particular picture. And if you want to search by time, if you swipe up to scroll, it tells you what month and year you’re in. 3. Backs up all your pictures to your Google account in case something happens to your phone. 4. There’s a Desktop app to allow for easily moving phone pictures onto your computer. Or between any other devices.

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