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RIP ShuShu (I hate fishkeeping.) TW Pet death

Oof. On the Ye’let’s 18th birthday, too. :(

My friendly little tame fatty went to the fish tank in the sky today after what appears to be a goddamned ph crash in my tank. SO bummed, s/he was my favorite fish. :( I’d moved him/her to a tub with good water yesterday and though s/he was on the mend. I’m too worried about the state of my tank and other fish to be too “upset” but FUCK MAN.


We clean our big-ass filter monthly, and are a week away from the scheduled cleaning, but apparently enough waste built up in the filter so that our nitrite/nitrate/ammonia levels were still fine, but the ph can be affected as well (who the fuck knew??? I am so tired of learning the catastrophic things that can go wrong with a “healthy” and “cycled” tank at my fishes expense!)

Not a stellar start to the day, you guys.

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