I had this wonderful glass water bottle that I loved. I broke it today...in a fucking MUSEUM. It fell to the floor and shattered. It was so embarrassing, first of all. Second of all, I'm STILL mourning its loss after nearly 5 hours (haha...) because I loved it so much. I wouldn't be so upset if I knew that the store I got it from (Wegmans) isn't carrying it anymore. It was on clearance for like $5 or $6 when it was originally $15 or so. And you can't really find it anywhere else except the company's website according to all the Googling I did.

Anyway, I'm going to check out my local Wegmans just in case they still carry it because the website says it's still available at select stores. If not at this Wegmans, there are 3 more within a 20-25 minute vicinity of my house. Yes, I'm going to go to all of these because I just loved that bottle so freaking much, and I don't want any other because this one had an infuser and came in bright colors and was just PERFECT.

But anyway, I have attachment issues. I know. BUT I WILL FIND THIS BOTTLE! I WILLLLLLL!