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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Rise and shine

Never thought I’d be the person who is awake before 7am and on her feet before 8am on a Sunday and not be a ball of hate. I used to sleep in until 11am at least, but now I enjoy that I can sit in the kitchen for 1 to 2 hours and still have most of the day left.
When I still lived with my mom when I was in my late 20s, I loved those mornings sitting in the kitchen and nursing some tea, something I lost after moving in with roommates and rediscovered when I moved into my own space.
Mornings now are early breakfast and either reading or watching some stuff or just browsing the web and enjoying the silence.

Though today I’m a ball of hate, because Christmas party with my colleagues and I haaaaaate that it’s on a Sunday. Though enough people told our general store manager how much better it’d be on a Saturday evening, so that’s what we’ll do next year.
Doing socialising on a Sunday is trash by default, because since we don’t open on a Sunday it’s always a day off for everyone and it destroys the whole short weekend for the folks who had the late shift on Saturday and then do an early shift on Monday. Thankfully I have the late shift on Monday, so I’ll just stay until maybe 2pm and then enjoy the rest of the day. That’s the reason why I won’t carpool with a colleague although she’ll pass through my street, I just want to be able to hop on my bike and be gone anytime I want to.
And I’m pretty sure I’ll have some important stuff to do next year so that I can’t show up...whooops. Already had to defend a colleague who won’t attend and I just hate the whole “But it’s free food and it’s so impolite.” Fuck off, it’s our precious free time, they can decide what they want to do with it and if they don’t want to see our faces on a Sunday, so be it, I can’t fault them in the least.
Forced socalization is fucked up and I will get in every single face who whines about how everyone should be happy to be there. It’s either on our time by our choice or it’s mandatory, but then I want to see some money for that time.
At least she got it, but I’m sure I’ll have to repeat it again for some others.


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