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Archie, Betty, Veronica and Reggie are all starting their sophmore years at Riverdale High. Just like the comics.


I could accept Veronica living with her mother although that blows a hole in the entire triangle of Betty, Veronica and Archie. Mr Lodge was raising his daughter as best he could, she adores him and in some ways to her Archie competed against him for her affection. I would argue of all parent child relationships in Archie comics theirs was the most complex which should never have been changed. Although with tv it could easily with bad writings turn into an Electra complex. Sometimes In the Archie Dgests they veer very, very close.

Miss Grundy killed my like for the show. First they knocked about 40 years from her life. That was bad enough. The scene of her and Archie talking about their picnic at 6am in the summer when they heard a gunshot and said nothing did it.


Yes they had a sexual relationship, really statutory rape. Sorry I recall over the years especially last fifteen reading about lawsuits against Brothers of my old Catholic High School concerning these Brothers molesting students, male High School. I met a few years ago one classmate he told me he had been mmolested and how damaging it was for him and how another of our classmates it was devestating. I had no idea it was going on. I did know one Brother who was transferred when I was a sophmore who would walk into the gym locker room and grab student private parts when they showered. I always thought that was it. Nope.

Oh wait. This is a female teacher/ male student. So this is a rite of passage where a young man learns about sex from an older woman. Only male teacher/ male student and male teacher / female student is bad. Female teacher well.she is just teaching him the ropes. If she is “hot” well congrats to the male student.


Isn’t this 2017? Why is this idiotic insane sexual belief still around? Its an abuse of power. Also she is what older then 23 and lets say she has not started teaching yet what is she doing with a young man who just finished his freshman year let alone having sex.

The Miss Grundy I always knew always did the right thing.

I am just going to love my Archie Digests even more, I have dozens.

Anyodne like the show?

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