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Rizzoli and Isles a bit too idiotic this week

I saw Tuesdays episode tonight on OnDemand. Seriously stupid.







Dr Isles is a victim of identity theft. She finds out by returning an item sent to her home by a store paid by the identity theft. Instead of saying who she was and asking to call the police.


She does not say who she is and then tells her assistant she wants to observe the identity thief in her element so finds out the thief has reservations. Now does she tell Detective Rizzoli? Nope that would be to logical. She asks Mom Rizolli to go with her to watch the identity thief. Of course she admires the thiefs taste in clothes and thinks the thiefnis living the life she wants with what she wears.Isles also goes on how the thief blends spa with yoga.

I know they play the show for laughs a lot. Well it should and can be played for laughs but not at the expense of making the characters outright stupid. Dr Isles who can be quite innocent and naive at times is not stupid. This plotline made her look stupid.

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