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This is by far, by a zillion miles the second best police procedural on television. Well Hawaii 50 is a close third.








Major Crimes is the best.

I loved the characters. Let’s face it on many ways this was the closest to Xena on tv. Xena as Jane Rizzoli and Gabrielle as Dr Maura Isles and Joxer as Frankie Rizzoli.


Sadly the literal moron running TNT cancelled the show even though it was and still is the highest rated show on TNT. The first reason was they wanted to get more serious shows which all flopped. Now the new direction is procedurals again so now its about the high production costs why the cancelled.

Well Korsak retired, Jane is now teaching the FBI.

It does seem to set up amd maybe its wishful thinking of a spin off. Frankie got Korsak’s desk. I was thinking Rizzoli and Rizzoli could be the spinoff with Frankie and Nina as the leads. The Scottish ME Assistant as the new ME, keep the mother Angela Rizzoli, Angela’s boyfriend and Korsak as a police consultant, he owns the bar Angela works at.

The last scene So confused. Rizzoli amd Isles were in Isles bedroom, were they just hanging out or were they always in a relatonship or did it start at farwell party? I would guess.always in a relationship. I just wish the writers explored this aspect earlier in the series instead of viewers looking for clues.

Well now Hawaii 50 goes in the number two slot. Maybe Hawaii 50 could be called McGarrett and Danno.

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