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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Road trippin'

Hi GT! I’m going on a road trip!

I leave tomorrow on a three week road trip that will take me through Chicago to see 96-year-old grandma, to western New York to see my brother and help him through his divorce, then either into NYC, or not, depending..., to Cleveland, and then...IDK! I was going to go through St. Louis and KC, but the people I know there and would stay with aren’t around, so I may bypass those for another route.


I am bringing camping stuff in case it’s warm enough to camp, but I know that wednesday night, when I’m in Nebraska or Iowa, I’ll be getting a cheap hotel.

I’m...kind of looking forward to it. I’m anxious about the trip, but not a general feeling of looking forward to it. It’s a lot of driving (I’m renting a car, so at least it’s not miles on my own car), and brother is having a hard time. He’s seeing a therapist that he doesn’t like but who’s good for him. His soon-to-be ex has basically moved her new boyfriend and his kids into her home, and she’s keeping her daughter home from school so she can hang out with the new boyfriend and his kids. He’s finally on some medication for the anxiety attacks, though, so that’s good.


I’m bringing some things out to him (several boxes of stuff, actually), and plan on cooking for him, making stuff that will last a while, like granola for breakfast, lasagna, and baking him some comfort things like Grandma’s cheesecake, mom’s banana bread, my apple pie, etc. Whatever he doesn’t want, he can take into work. It might help him earn back some political capital there, as he’s had to take some time off during all this.

Now that I’m less than 48 hours out from this trip, I’m both bored and anxious. I have a little packing to do, and I am kind of wallowing around wondering what to do with myself.

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