So I've been super busy at work, (my main GT time) and then this weekend my cousin got married down in South Carolina so I was away for 3 days for that. We drove from NJ to SC and back in one van. The van team: Me, my Parents, my Grandparents, my uncle, and my brothers 14 & 19. Highlights include:

-my Grandmother refusing to bring her cane or use the walker my parents have from Other Grandpa. She uses it out with Pop Pop when they're alone but didn't want the out-of town relatives see her use it. Because falling's not dangerous.

-my Pop Pop will call us out when we're patronizing him and good for him, because I know I'm guilty of it. Yes he can't hear as well and moves a little slower but he can do things for himself, plus he always asks for help when he needs to and knows his limits.

-Pop Pop does not mind when 25 year old waitresses fuss over him being a cute old man who needs help. Funny how that works.

-We named the British GPS Nigel, and eventually Nigel was part of the family

-Guys I didn't like the white gravy on my chicken at Cracker Barrel. I know this may be upsetting to some of the Southern GTer's. Or do I need to try real gravy before I rule it out?


-Cracker Barrel's biscuits however were damn delicious (of course we went 9 hours without a real food break so that may have something to do with it). The waitress however was shocked we didn't know what apple butter was, and then was more shocked when my Pop Pop didn't like it. I thought it was meh, but I don't like jellys so I didn't think it was the apple butter itself.

-We got to the hotel and my Dad yelled at me for not being nicer to my 14 year old brother. I pointed out I put the rooms on my credit card, and he was paying me back nor do I live with him, nor was I 16 anymore and he can go to hell. Proud of myself for standing up for myself. He didn't apologize properly but was fine the rest of the weekend. I chalked it up to stress because he did ALL the driving that day.


-Next day saw the extended family and oh dear God, my Fl. cousins. The kids are all really smart, one's graduating hs early, another finished Community College in a year and is going into nursing. They're just so hyper, and Jesus-y but like not we hate the gays Jesus-y, just ISN'T THE WORLD AWESOME AND JESUS LOVES EVERYONE.

-My Dad who is Dominican was the only non-white guest at the wedding. He got asked TWICE if he worked there or if he was delivering something. He was wearing a suit like everyone else. To diffuse things he started calling my mother and grandmother Miss Daisy. Humor combating racism may not be the best strategy but it works for him.


-Uncle's girlfriend is really determined that I like her. She was trying to make me her insta-BFF. She lives in Austin, but is from Canada originally so brought all these snacks and candies from Canada. Me:"Oh were you in Canada recently, and brought some stuff for the trip?" Her: "No your uncle just really likes telling people I'm Canadian and told me to bring this stuff for the kids." So I guess my uncle has a weird Canada thing?

-No assigned seating, not enough room because it rained, catering company didn't realize it was a proper wedding and thought it was just drop off food and leave. Cupcakes instead of cake, and they were overtly cloved pumpkin spice cupcakes. Ended up having to order Domino's when we got back to the hotel, because the food wasn't enough.


-Sunday thank God no traffic, no Redskins game, or Orioles game to navigate around (two big traffic fears). Came home exhausted, but wide awake at the same time. So I couldn't fall asleep until like 2am now back to work.