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I saw the stage performance and sobbed, literally, my mother looked and got shocked. My only words were “I miss the 80s”.


After 40 minutes of the movie. I can clearly say if I saw the movie first there would be no way I would have gone to see the stage show.

Let me show you an example.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot stage performance

The movie

This song was in act two of the stage show not 20 minutes in.

The play had no religious/Tipper Gore like character. It was about a corrupt Mayor and a German Father and Son. The father was a real estate man who wanted to take over the area for profit amd strip malls. The son fell in love with the mayor’s fired assistant who wanted to save the club and she helped him stand up against his father. I actually found this love story more interesting then the one between Sherrie and Drew.


Also the movie scene could have been from Harper Valley PTA which predates the 80s or any movie from 1950s and 60s. The stage.scene reeks 1980s. Those were aerobic clothes a very popular 1980s style.

I will watch the rest tomorrow. I hope the German father and son come in.

So far this is the worst musical movie adaptation I have seen. Almost always the stage performance is touched but slightly. So far it seems radical changes and after 40 minutes none that are good.

Here is the original 1980 performance by Pat Benatar singing the song. Yes her version rules them all actually the original perfornaces rule all the Rock Of Ages versions.

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