I may have to forgive the CW for removing their shows from Hulu.

They have now aired TWO television episodes that had an abortion. And each time, it was treated as not a big deal.

I saw discussion about Jane the Virgin, where Jane’s mother had an abortion after a one-night stand with Jane’s father’s nemesis. It was the obvious right choice for her, as she and Jane’s father broke up at the end of last season specifically because she said she didn’t want to have more kids. The only drama surrounding the decision was about whether her super religious mom would find out and how she would react.

But I haven’t seen anyone talking about the most recent episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I was so pleasantly surprised! Not only did someone have an abortion—but someone who was married! With two kids! For no reason other than that she wanted to go to law school instead!

Her husband suggested that she didn’t have to have the baby and at first she dismissed the idea. But then she did a kick-ass job on a case. We see her husband comforting her in bed and at first you think it’s because she’s still bummed about her decision not to go to school, but then the doorbell rings and her son yells up “I’ll get it, since you just had an abortion!”


And that’s the extent of the story! Not a big deal at all, but they also didn’t dance around the issue and were not afraid to use the word “abortion.” There could be more drama around it in future episodes, but I’m very pleased with the way they have handled this story.