Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know it is still like 3 months away, but ManBerry and I are making plans to try and go to Denver ComicCon (June 13-15, not sure what dates I would be going), and I was wondering if any area GTers were planning on going, or what I would have to do to convince you to go there.

I originally wanted to go because I found out that Nicholas Brendon and Bruce Campbell would be there. Then ManBerry found out that Jeremy Bulloch (as he put it "It's fucking Boba Fett") would be there too and was instantly on board. And now the line-up keeps getting better: Adam West, Julie Newmar (think I could get her to sign something "To HappyBerry, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar"?), Jim Cummings, and Karl Urban (I could maybe touch somebody that has touched Viggo Mortensen, that would almost be like touching him myself, right?). And I keep waiting for the panels to get listed to find out what they will be. And the schedule to decide when we will be going


I have never been to a ComicCon before, but I keep getting more excited about going to one. And, what says ComicCon more that meeting up with random strangers you've only talked to online? Even if you don't want to go to the con (cost, crowds, whatever reason), I still think a meet-up for drinks or something that weekend would be fun.

ETA: Just bumping up to see if anybody else is interested.

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