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*rolling eyes*

So hard they going backwards out my head.

Got in a dumbass fb discussion (wasn’t even war, that bitch was the one swearing and taking nonsense) with someone I went to college with. First thought- why are you even here? I hated you in 2007...

Regardless, she’s trying to say Colin Kaepernick was wrong and disrespectful and if u don’t like the US you should GTFO. She used the actual words for GTFO, not that I’m against swearing (obv not) but I’m sorry bitch what? A few comments later I’m defriended. Bitch didn’t unfriend me on insta, should I carry on this ‘convo’?


When u wanna be petty and have every right to...

Hold me GT, or just post petty memes and gifs.


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