Background: my parents have guests over tonight, and I live at home. I came home from work around 6:30 pm (so like 2.5 hours ago) and was and still am EXHAUSTED. I have no problem staying in on Friday nights or any nights for that matter, even if I'm in my early 20s and am expected to be LIVING THE LIFE11!!1! Because the only way you're living life is to get out of the house and be social every chance that you get, right?!

Anyway, one of our family friends made a joking comment about why I'd choose to be home on a weekend night, hanging out with all the "old people." This is the second time he's made a comment like this, once in the past. It pisses me off every time, even if he's joking. I mean, this guy is like practically my uncle and I have great memories with him when I was younger, but comments like this are so dumb. I'm tired. I don't have to be out every weekend night. I'm enjoying eating some delicious food here and watching some Netflix and relaxing. GET OFF MAH BACK! I'm old at heart, whatevs.

He has kids my age, and they are the type of people who always hang out with friends, really prioritize having a social life, and are very outgoing. Okay, great! More power to them. But they also aren't the kind of people who are homebodies like I can be. And I have an amazing relationship with my parents, so I'm not trying to escape being away from them (but seriously, if I had their mom, I wouldn't want to hang around home either).

And yeah, I don't really have friends to go out with. But whatever, in my defense, I'm going to an outdoor concert tomorrow afternoon to evening and it will be kickass. So I'd rather save up my energy for that.

I don't know; I'm just annoyed when people expect people in their 20s to be wild, adventurous creatures who are always doing something. Why do people look down on others who end up staying home on a weekend night, whether they do so voluntarily or involuntarily (sometimes, you just can't find plans even though you'd really like to do something!). Like who the fuck cares? What does it matter to you?


Anyway, if you're staying in tonight, join me in solidarity! Chilling at home, eating ALL the food, drankin' all the dranks, watching movies/TV, and checking out GT sounds like my kind of a good time :)