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*Rolls Eyes* Monday morning Facebook lols

Let me just preface this with my brother in law is a sexist racist who regular posts things like


And will explain to you in person that the reason few African Americans play hockey is that they have week ankles. Hold onto that rage for let me show you what was in my Facebook feed this morning.

With the following comments:

Sara there's so much wrong with this picture i don't even know where to start

Brother in Law how so?

Sara so you're making fun of a woman for how she looks because she doesn't fit your standards of being attractive, making fun of her and ultimately mocking the idea of feminism as well.

Sara that's what i got from this picture, if I'm wrong please inform me of what this post is supposed to mean

Brother in Law never said that.

Tifani Let's call a spade a spade. She fits the stereotype of what the most Americans would call your typical feminist. I don't really see how this is mocking the idea of feminism, and no she is not classically attractive. At all.

Brother in Law i never said any thing condescending about this woman. This is one of my most favorite pictures of all of the internet. I say this with out one once of sarcasm. I have absolutely nothing against the woman in the picture, i have every thing against any "feminist" that will jump out on me and say that i am a (enter comment here) for posting pictures like this because this woman doesn't fit the female who claims to be a feminist idea of attractive. I post this pic randomly from time to time to see who will jump out on me and show their true colors. You however defended the women. You are a wonderful human and i commend you. If this makes sense. Short version, i get girls that degrade her by stating its not all look like this. savy?

Sara i saw it as mocking feminism since many people belittle it as a movement made up by so called 'ugly' women, sort of what this picture is portraying

Sara i get it, you little trickster. i usually don't bother commenting on posts like this but occasionally i feel the need

Brother in Law Thank you for reaffirming my faith in you and your sisters. Sara i have a mother a wife and a daughter of course i believe in equal rights. But that is one debate that could definitely not be held on FB. Each side has its strengths and weaknesses. maybe someday.


I just can't even. He did not intend any of that. He openly hates women. I wish I could post that he made less than a year ago where he was drunk ranting at a baseball game about how he hates when women go to baseball games and it devolves into him saying women should only be at home and have certain roles. A family member of his came in and actually said he clearly has issues with women. Too bad he deleted that status the next day.

And he has never posted this pic before.

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