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Romance Recommendations

Happy Memorial Day weekend US GTers! And happy regular weekend to the rest of you!

It’s looking like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend here in DC, and since most of my IRL friends are traveling for the long weekend, I’m planning to spend some quality time in my hammock. I’d like to read something romance/trashy while lounging but I have this requirement for my reading that seems pretty basic but is in fact elusive in the romance genre. Almost every romance novel I pick up (especially the historical ones) eventually gets to a scene where the heroine says “no” and our “hero” keeps on doing his thing anyway, because he can just tell she doesn’t really mean it. Consent issues are not sexy and I don’t want them in my trashy novels.

So, I come to you, GT, to ask for some advice. Can you recommend any romance novels that I won’t have to give up in the middle of?

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