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Romola Garai Campaigns to Get Sexist Lads' Mags Out of Supermarkets

From The Guardian:

"If I went in to this shop with my daughter we wouldn't have to see girlie calendars pinned up on the walls. Because obviously that would be sexist and could break the law," says actor Romola Garai. "So what's the UK's biggest retailer doing lining its shelves with lads' mags like Nuts and Zoo – page after page of women shown as dehumanised sex objects? How am I supposed to explain that to my daughter?"


First she captured the castle, now she captures my heart. Discuss this goddess, GroupThink.

Joking aside, initially I felt torn. But the truth is that Zoo and Nuts are not like Maxim or FHM here in the States. They are decidedly more hard-core and contribute to an environment in the UK where reading "Page 3" on the train is normal. Buying Zoo at the grocery store is normal. And these are the kinds of magazines that normalize violent sexual imagery and objectification of women — to the point where you often can't tell their editorials from the confessions of sex addicts.

I support the movement and worry about the backlash she's certainly going to feel.

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