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Roomates subletting without telling me...and other problems

Today while I was at work (dealing with both a stampede of asshole Memorial-weekend bar patrons and exhaustion from a frustrating/disappointing performance of my show earlier this morning) I got an email. It was an exchange from my roommates about a potential sub-letter coming to stay in June. Our lease doesn't even end until July, but my new place's lease starts on Saturday so i'm paying double rent. Two of the roommates have left for a summer program and they are planning on getting several subletters to cover those who have left.

I'm annoyed that they decided to sublet without confirming or really even asking me or another roommate. They said that it was something they might do, but I assumed it would be in July, after me and another roomie on my floor left, so it was none of my business. We're still expecting a security deposit, so if any of these potential people (only one of whom I chanced to meet) trash the place I still expect the full share of my deposit. It's something the roomies do pretty often (a majority decide something and then neglect to tell the minority), so I'm neither incredibly surprised nor pissed. I've got one week and some change left, I can deal.


But what I'm really pissed at is the implication that the sub-letter will be staying in my room come June first and his rent will be used to lower everyone's payments. I'm guessing this because they asked if they could show my room to sub-letters, didn't ask the roomie who is leaving at the end of July, and the two who will be gone for the summer still have all their stuff in their rooms. This has me raging because:

a) I planned on moving my things over several days next month, so this ups the time schedule for me.

b)If he is staying in my room I should not have to pay rent.

c)my roommates mooch boyfriend IS STILL IN HER ROOM RIGHT NOW, playing cards with one of the roommates who sleeps upstairs. His girlfriend left for her summer program this morning at 6. He should not be here, and he especially should not be here if I am paying for a place I'm not living in (and he is).


d)they only decided they were going to renew the lease this past Sunday, and two of them left for the summer this morning. This made everything last minute and now it's extra hard for everyone to communicate.

IF this sub-letter shit is true, this will be me tomorrow:


I will not pay rent, I will expect my security deposit back, and my friendship with these girls will take a serious break- despite my love for them. I might also kick mooch boyfriend out if I feel like it. That would be super taxing on normally meek me, but they have driven me to it, I have given fair warning, and after the rest of today (not to mention Tuesday night) I have extra anger and sexual frustration to buoy me.

Moral of the story: Roommates may make good friends, but friends never make good roommates.

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