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Roommate/Tenant agreements stuff?

So here’s a situation I’m hoping GT or the rest of the kinjaverse can help with:

My dad has been getting deeper and deeper into dementia and can no longer drive and probably isn’t managing his medication well. He lives by himself in a three bedroom house. He has medicare but not currently medicaid, so he doesn’t qualify for meals on wheels or an in-home caregiver. Currently my uncles help him out quite a bit with going to doctors appointments and so on.

I have a friend who has fallen on hard times and is planning to move back to our hometown and needs a place to live. She’s trustworthy, and could cook, clean, set out his medication, and drive for him while living in one of the spare bedrooms.


My question is, what kind of contract would I need for this? Would just writing one up and us both signing it be OK? Do I need to talk to a real estate lawyer?

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