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Rosalind Franklin and Women in Science.

Oh hai! You guys probably saw the mainpage article about the doodle. I thought I would add more since it was just a blurb.

In sum, she was the first person to see the bihelix structure of DNA, using X-rays. This opened the door for whatever there is today in DNA structure. It was step one.

Sexism was a huge deal to her work, ranging from work conditions (women dined in a smaller, separate room at King's College) to recognition of her work. The model arising from her discovery is called Crick and Watson, who allegedly stole data from her to complete their study.

People get really heated about whether it was theft or not, which is common to any discovery in science. If you ask me, as a scientist, Franklin should have at least shared the Nobel with Crick and Watson.* But hey, that's me.**

This comic depicts it in an interesting way.

Franklin sadly didn't live long, dying of ovarian cancer at age 37. Cancer was a very common cause of death for the early 20th century scientists, since they were messing with X-rays and Gamma Rays unaware of the danger. Even with such a short life, Franklin pioneered the study of the polio virus and others. Like a boss.

To close this post, this is a cool picture by Hydrogene Portfolio representing some badass women in science. How many of them were you aware of? (Google is a friend.)


*It is true that she died before the prize was awarded, but that is tangential to the issue.
**As a physicist, I think that Einstein was not the first to discover General Relativity. Possibly not Special Relativity as well. Haters gonna hate.

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