The author here was surprised no one complained:

My first thought after hearing about this production was not, "How will it be different than the 1968 Roman Polanski classic?" or "Why is it a miniseries?" or even "Will it be any good?" No, my first thought was, "Oh, man, white people are going to freak out over a black Rosemary." As the series' air date neared, I began to search for instances of outrage on Internet comment boards and, of course, on the most obvious incubator of frivolous beef, Twitter.

So why no outrage meanwhile people blow up at my husband, Idris, in Thor, or Michael B. Jordan as the new Johnny Storm, or even idiots who misread The Hunger Games and were like, "WTF? Black Rue?!"?

At first I was thinking it was because a black woman is less threatening to white OUTRAGED men than a black man, but the people who freaked out over Rue seemed mostly teenage girls.

So is it fandom? People who tend to be younger and use Twitter, Facebook, etc are outraged at things that are closer to their heart than an almost 50 year old movie?

Drumming seems to think that it might be because "Saldana is often described in the press as being Latina."


Or maybe it's because:

nobody has been paying that much attention, and the hardcore racists are saving their vocal disdain for the day Jeffrey Wright is cast opposite Anika Noni Rose in a motion picture remake of "The Shining."

While I think Jeffrey Wright (who, if we remember played the traditionally white Felix Leiter in the new James Bond and no one complained) would be terrifyingly fantastic in The Shining, I don't think it would generate such hate. It's old and the people who use what seems to be the new medium of complaint and protest in our society don't really care.


It used to be that if you wanted to call attention to problems (real or imagined), you had to write letters, carry signs, talk to people, and actually do shit. But not anymore.

To me, Twitter and other "social media" have always brought out the worst of mob mentality at people.

No, you might not be totally anonymous, but there are enough people and enough tweets that maybe no one notices your hate filled rant and it doesn't take that much effort, so you're going to do it (even if you'd never speak that way in person to someone).


But of course I'm an old mofo who'd have preferred writing this on vellum and using my carrier pigeon to send this to you. Thoughts?