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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My husband lost his job a month ago and since then it’s been constant rejection. He’s getting interviews but no offers. I’m trying not to panic about money and rent,esp in January. He’s teaching enough classes to get us through December. I’ve contacted my worker at the Dept of Rehab to start the job process, but that can take time. So we’ll be fine in the long run but in the short run it’s going to be a little dicey.


But today.... was rough. My husband spent most of it looking like he wants to cry or break something. So i contacted some mutual friends and they’ve really stepped up, he’s out right now hanging with them. Now that he’s out i’m ready to cry,lol! I think i’ll bust out some wine and mashed potatoes instead. Oh and ice cream, i have some good sherbet.

SO what are your favorite hints and tips for getting through rough times. Feel free to share distracting videos and gifs too :)

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