After bombing (and I mean, really bombing) my first two finals, I've been studying extra hard for my last one on Tuesday. So all of today was spent studying, until I just couldn't pay attention any more and decided to leave my friend's place to take a nap. At which point, I completely destroyed my side view mirror on a pole getting out of his parking spot. Which was so stupid for so many reasons. All of the parking lots in this neighborhood have these stupid poles, so I KNOW to watch out for them. My bumper has a giant dent from the first time my boyfriend tried to get out of his garage. My friend just broke his side view mirror two days ago trying to get out of the same garage. I know to look out for these things every time. And there was enough street parking when I got there, so I had no reason to park in my friend's spot anyways. Just so stupid all around. And I've spent so much time this semester fixing the car- the brake pads needed to be replaced, the tires needed to be replaced, the check engine light has been going on and off and we're still not sure if the fuel system cleaner is going to take care of it, but I'm very nervous. And I just don't have time for this, and my body's still in hyper adrenaline mode from the moment I hit the pole (I've been in a fairly bad accident, and I react very strongly to even minor things like this). I started sobbing the second it happened. I was just so overwhelmed and I'm so scared of accidents, and this day has just been so hard.

ETA: Oh, and my boyfriend just left the country to visit family, and he's on the plane right now, so I can't even talk to the person I would normally go to for this. My parents have been great though; I scared my mom half to death by calling her right after it happened while I was still sobbing.