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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Routines when you work from home

Until I move to NYC, I will be mostly working from home this summer. I’m trying to develop some routines - and am curious to hear from those of you who work from home what kind of routines you have.

I noticed this weekend that I pretty much worked all day both days - which is okay - there was plenty of work to do (and it is super hot, and what I really needed to be doing was prepping to move, but it was too hot so I avoided that by working!), but I feel like I want routines too that force me to not just work all the time (I did watch AM Joy both days - but I don’t think watching the news really counts as leisure time).


So, tell me your routines - when do you get up? Do you shower every day? Do you wear your pjs/comfy clothes, or do you dress like a grown-up? When do you run your errands (like do you wait till the end of the typical work day, or do you do it whenever?), when do you do things like exercise or take walks or whatever? Are there things you struggle with in working from home? SPILL! I WANT TO HEAR IT ALL!!! :)

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