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Is anyone watching Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank today?

I crashed early last night, and woke up at about 2:30 CDT, so saw bits & pieces over on Twitter Ella Kay, (@courtjeweller), has plenty of coverage, as usual, and since I follow her, it popped in my feed (the costume-geek in me LOVES the knowledge & details she brings, whenever she talks about jewelry & tiaras!😉): https://twitter.com/courtjeweller?s=09


Naomi Campbell looks stunning so far (I’ve only seen this shot, but she’s perfect, as usual!):

Not such a fan of Liv Tyler’s outfit, it seems so stark & harsh—the dark fascinator on her dark hair blends in a bit too much, imo, and looks a bit more “funerary” than “wedding” to me. It absolutely goes with her suit, and it may look less harsh inside out of the wind(!).

But i felt this pic wasn’t very flattering, because it looks so hard-edged (and again, Wind!!!), for someone as pretty as Liv is—to me it seems so somber for an occasion like this—ESPECIALLY when the bride and groom are as apparently in love as the Princess & her fiancee seem to be:


Order of Splendor has breakdowns of who’s wearing what, too, but without pictures—for any fashion junkies😉:


The fascinator & sccessory game appears, as usual, to be totally on point, and lots of fun (I love the pink one—this is off @courtjeweller’s feed:


The BBC has some great coverage & more pics :


Eta, here’s the update on Eugenie’s dress design team,her Tiara, and I LOVE the detail about the fact that she's showing off her scoliosis scar💖

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