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Ru! It's not up to you!

To those who criticize Drag Race for is transphobic language: "Bitch, you need to get stronger."

Ru, you are not trans*, ergo, you do not get to decide what trans* people are called. Just like straight people don't get to call you fag and tell you to suck it up, white people don't get to call you n***** and tell you to get over it. While all of those slurs have a different meaning and historical context, the common thread is that it is understood that the group on the receiving end of those slurs has a right to be offended, and that one must not use them.


If the trans* community as a whole feels that "tranny" and shemail" are offensive, you do not get to decide whether they are right. You do not get to say

These are fringe people who are looking for storylines to strengthen their identity as victims.

and deny that the community as a whole even has a problem with it, when you have been called out by them repeatedly (even by your very own Carmen Carrerra - who is on your goddamn tour and works for you right now).

Bitch, you need to get stronger. If you're upset by something I said you have bigger problems than you think."


I can't speak for anyone, but I'm pretty sure that the word "tranny" isn't the biggest problem trans* people face, and I am fairly certain they realize it. I'm also hoping you come to realize that by continuing to publicly use a slur about them, you are actually exacerbating the problems they face in their daily lives - problems that I am positive you would consider very real and important.

But clearly you don't care if continuing to speak about trans* people however you want will cause the American public to do the same.


I am not trans*, and I do not get to decide any of these things either. What I will do, is refrain from using a word that is clearly hurting people and causing controversy, even if I don't understand.


I don't mean to speak for anyone's lived experience, as a cis-woman. I apologize if it comes across that way, and I will fix it if something I said is problematic.

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