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Rude People on Public Transit

WHAT IS IT with people who stand next to the bus stop bench, and place their purse down on the bench like it’s tired and needs a little rest?

Today I got to my bus stop, and I wanted to sit because I have a thing where walking is fine but standing still makes all the blood go to my feet and I get lightheaded (POTS). Of course if three people (the benches have three seats divided by metal dividers) are all sitting I would never ask one to get up, and if someone else asked me to stand bc they really need to sit I would stand for them.

But if nobody is sitting, why can’t I sit? One woman was standing next to the bench with her purse and lunchbox taking up one seat, because apparently her lunchbox is too good to rest on the sidewalk. One especially obstructive lady was standing so that she blocked the middle seat, with her small suitcase on the far right seat! Wtf?!


There is a particular young woman who is often at my stop in the morning, who always sits with her bag in the seat next to her. I tried asking nicely once and she slid it over half an inch, not enough to actually give me room to sit, so now when she is there (if there is not another empty seat) I just walk over and sit like I don’t even see her, and she moves her lunchbag onto her lap rather than have it sat on.

But today? The force of rude/stupid of those other two women was so strong that even this girl was standing and holding her lunchbag and purse!

So, can anyone explain to me why people think their bag deserves a seat when there are only THREE seats total? Or why people will stand directly in front of a seat, blocking it entirely, yet not actually SITTING in it?

Also, am I the bitch for just sitting and making her move her bag? I will probably keep doing it to her anyway even if I am, because she always sits at the front of the bus and talks loudly on her phone so she’s clearly The Worst. But today it was other ladies hogging the bench so I just stood.

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