Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sorry, I mean Relationship Club. I have a general policy of not discussing my relationship online with strangers but fuck it, because I'm seriously at a loss to explain this reaction.


So, this guy friend of mine pretty much asked me if I was DTF today and it has completely thrown me off my game. Mr. Mascara and I are fairly open, and he's always been cool with me and this guy making out, but its just never happened, because I've not really looking for that sort of deal at the moment. But I guess me answering the door the other day in my bathrobe sent some kind if subliminal message and made Guy Friend broach the topic for real. So, it's always been theoretical in my mind, like, sure, I could totally hit that, whatevs. But now that its out there in the open, I am seriously at a loss. I nearly got in a car accident today trying to process it, that's how far it's thrown me off.

Any other non-monogamous GTers get this way, or is it just my dumb ass? Feel free to tell me to chill out because I'm probably totally over thinking this.

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