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Ruminating: Telling my ex I'm dating someone new

So a few months ago, I broke up with a guy I’d been dating for a year. There were a lot of reasons why, and some of them included that we had different interests; I like hiking and camping and skiing and he doesn’t like that stuff, and wouldn’t do any of those things with me, so we’d default to eating and watching movies and t.v. shows.

The kicker, however, was that he never wanted to get married again, live with someone again, or be in love with someone. So that was a done deal for me.

Honestly, I’d been grieving the relationship for a while (sleepless nights, tears, analysis, etc.), so when it finally did end, it was neither surprising nor difficult to move on. I was sad, but not as sad as if I’d stayed in a relationship with him.


After the breakup, I started hanging out with another guy. We did things together. We clicked. We started dating and are totally head over heels for each other and it’s wonderful.

I’m still in touch with my ex—we text occasionally. But I haven’t actually told him I’m seeing someone new. This is because I’m concerned about hurting his feelings. I know it’s not my job to manage his feelings—he’s a grown man and responsible for his feelings. We’re broken up, and eventually someone was going to move on.

We’ve been texting about Christmas plans and mine basically include being with my boyfriend (hanging out, moonlight skiing tonight or tomorrow or both, having fun in the snow and indoors). I’m not interested in hiding my plans from him, or lying, but I also find some hesitancy in just telling ex that I have a boyfriend.

I’m not really looking for advice; mostly, I’m just talking through things for myself.


Otherwise, I’m having a great day and really looking forward to a few days off and having fun in the snow with my boyfriend! :)

I hope all you GTers have a great holiday with whoever, and enjoy celebrating either the religious part, the Christmas part, or just the time off. Stay safe and warm! (Although it sounds like a lot of you are experiencing unusually warm weather, so maybe it’s just me who needs to stay warm. We have a high today of 27!)

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