Bobsled is over, I know. I haven't been watching very much of the Olympics this time around, but I just realized this awesome thing. Jamaica's bobsled team made it again this year! That's not the thing I just realized, I knew that already.

Did you know they made a song and video about it? An awesome 8-bit reggae song and video? Did you know it syncs up to the bobsled run? It's pretty much the best thing ever. So what you do is play the bobsled run video and shut off the sound (especially so you don't hear the fucking commentators going all 'Cool Runnings'). As soon as the Jamaican team starts running, start the song video. Then shut off the run video so you don't have to see the white guy dressed in 'Jamaican gear' waving a Bob Marley flag afterwards.

You're welcome.