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Runaway Train

Anyone else heard the story of the so-called Runaway Mom over the past few days? http://gawker.com/dead-pennsylva… Basically, a young mother peaced out on her family in 2002, hitchhiked to Florida, and appears to have been engaging in a LOT of drug and alcohol abuse in the intervening 11 years.


I just never can predict what will or won't be turned into a story or considered newsworthy. I mean, this is all over the national papers and even foreign wire services are picking it up. They're doing actual investigative reporting on her background and interviewing whoever she might have met hanging out under a bridge.

The whole thing sounds even more ludicrous if you imagine all this attention being focused on a man who abandoned his family. Like, he said he was going out for some air, and he never came back! Then, he just drifted around, drinking cheap booze and committing petty crimes! They interviewed the woman's now 19 year old daughter, and surprise surprise, she feels conflicted, angry, and distraught. Apparently, the sudden disappearance of one of her parents threw her family into turmoil and she and her brother suffered because of it. Local news, yes, but the national importance of this particular case escapes me.

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