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Runner ladies!

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I love how stock images of runners always show this massive heel strike. Anyway, I'm looking for a decent running app. I mostly use Zombies, Run! but sometimes I just want a short run or just want to listen to music or I'm not sure I'm up for committing to the mission. Basically, what I want is something that has an accurate real-time measure of my speed. Zombies is actually pretty good at that, but I need a second app.


I currently use MapMyRun, and it'll be like "you're running an 8 minute mile pace! No, 10! No, 12! No, 9!" and I'm like "you're drunk, MapMyRun." I'm really trying to get myself to run faster, my mile time is super pathetic. It's been super helpful to check in on my current speed, but I need it to somewhat resemble reality.

I really want to become a Runner, rather than someone who runs a few times a week to enable eating cookies, but the injuries are killing me here. I've read several places that about 75% of runners get some type of injury every year. Is that true? Kind of makes it hard to hate on Crossfit if true. Well, that's an aside. Running apps?

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