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Runners: Blood Sugar Q? TW: Weight Discussion

So, I have started running. Training for a marathon, in fact, to join a family member in their milestone birthday goal. As the mileage “ramps up” (to a 4/5 mile average run, which is big for me) I am starting to have some challenges around managing what I think are some blood sugar issues.

I have lost some weight as a result of training (of which I had some to lose, I am not underweight to be sure), and I think this is affecting what is normal for my eating in order to maintain my blood sugar. I tend towards low blood pressure, so that is being exacerbated, too, I think. I have been trying to be pretty healthy in my eating. I make sure to have a post-run recovery snack. I am not restricting my eating and have added more snacking than I used to do. I am staying hydrated. Despite that, I continue to get these bouts of nausea, lots of light headedness, and tend towards feeling faint.


I will go to my doctor if this persists, but if anyone has any training tips or has dealt with these issues, I’d be grateful. I am trying the tips I am seeing online about refueling, etc...but am still experiencing unpleasant side effects. I like the feeling I am getting of being stronger and having more endurance while running, but these after effects are really throwing me for a loop. Thanks!

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