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So...I recently started a running routine. I do between 4-6 miles from 3-5 times a week. This usually includes one rocky/hilly trail that's about 3 miles and the rest is concrete. I've been jogging the first mile, then doing intervals of running/jogging/walking the rest, with the last half mile some sort of cool down (usually walking and trying to remember how to breathe).

I managed to do 26.9 miles last week! And now I think I have shin splints. So. Much. Pain. I just did 4 miles of jogging today, and I could barely make it up the stairs to come home.

I know I need to get real running shoes, because my 6 year old Rockports are not holding up to this. Any recs?


Any idea how I can learn to run properly? I think I run more on the balls of my feet, is that bad?

And besides ice and compression (I'm going to go get some compression thingys tomorrow), what else can I do for my poor shins?

Any other advice for a beginner runner? I ran quite a bit in bootcamp, but this is really my first foray into running for "funsies" instead of when I'm being yelled at.

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