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Running into your ex...

I went out to a bar last night with a group of friends. I looked hot, so at least it wasn't the cliched running into your ex when you least expect it and are wearing sweat pants buying ice cream at midnight or something. Me and my friends were sitting down having a drink when my ex walks in. He was with a guy friend I didn't recognize, I don't think he saw me. I didn't even see him first, my friends boyfriend was looking at the entrance and said "HEY! Isn't that your ex?"

He honestly looked bored as I secretly watched him from a distance. I was on the dance floor while he was waiting by the bar to get a drink (presumably). I danced with a hot guy and then several more hot guys so I had fun (although I did keep peeking to see where he was). At one point me and my girlfriend were walking to get some drinks when we passed by my ex. I knew we were passing him but he wasn't in my line of vision so I just looked straight ahead but completely igonored me and picked up his cell like he was making a call.


After the club closed, we went to get food after the club closed and he was there, too! Just him and a guy friend. So, I guess the whole being single and picking up chicks isn't going that well for him, at least not from what I could see.

He didn't say hi. I know I shouldn't care but why he can't he just fucking say hello? I wish I didn't care :( Moving on sucks. Also, this sounds very high school but I'm 24 and he's 28.

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