Novice, intermediate & experienced runners gather 'round. Let's have a talk about running.

This sunday I'm going to have to run 16km / 10 miles during one of the most famous runs of our country. Why have to? Because I made promises that I have to keep. But as a novice runner, I am scared GT, real scared. So share with me your tips and I'll share mine with you!

So sunday I have to run the 10 miles within 2 hours. It's expected to be (at least) 20 degrees celsius (68f) which doesn't sound that hot but I expect it will be. I was supposed to be a pretty experienced runner by now but due to graduating, stress, depressed feelings and illness there was a lack of continuous training. But I've tried to make up for it by running a lot this past week (saturday: 5k, sunday: 8.5k, last night: 10k) and there's a chance I might make it. As long as I stick to a good tempo and don't run for too long periods (1k running, 100/200m walking, repeat).

What training should I do thursday? I've trained a lot this week but I'm scared to take 4 whole days of right before the big run. But I also shouldn't run too much in case it wrecks my legs/makes me too tired.

What should I eat saturday and sunday morning? Any suggestions?

Any tips on surviving a gruelling experience like this?

My tips for the beginner!

  1. Get good shoes. Buying good shoes made such a difference when I started going from the 5k to the 10k mark, I can't even begin to tell you.
  2. Good clothes are the second step. The first time I ran in shorts (instead of the only pair of running pants I owned : long, black & warm) I couldn't believe what a relief it was to have fresh air touch my tired legs! I thought I'd be extremely self-conscious but since running = surviving in my book, I forgot all about it as soon as I got going. (although I stil feel super awkward when I run into people on the elevator at night, all sweaty and in my shorts)
  3. Don't run on an empty stomach. Running burns up any sort of energy you might have and running on fumes is no option, you'll get nowhere.
  4. Don't run on a full stomach either! If you eat something make sure you take an appropriate amount of time before you start running. The first hour or two after eating, the stomach is stil digesting and it'll steal energy away from where you need it, when yo need it. Plus stomach cramps. Plus burping. Plus queasiness. Plus side cramps.
  5. Pee before you run. Even if you don't have to go. At least, if you're like me. There is no joy in having to stop your run because you're about to burst halfway through your lap. It's embarrassing and uncomfortable..


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