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Welcome To The Bitchery

Once upon a time. A slightly younger boobiechick did running. It started out terribly. I had no clothes for it, no shoes for it. I ran in the dark because that felt more comfortable, less in the spotlight. I was afraid (of my inevitable failure) every time I set a foot out the door and was disappointed at my results every time I set it back inside.
But then something changed.
I was getting more energy. It started to not suck so much. I still couldn’t keep up with what the silly app was telling me I ‘should’ be able to do by that point, but I was achieving better results than before. I’d never been an athletic person and I liked that feeling. I ended up running a 5K with a friend and later that year, I ran 10 miles. I did so with a bum knee (don’t go from 6k to 16k in a 2 week timespan, it’s a bad idea) and walked most of it. But I did finish.

That was 3 years ago. Fast forward to today: I haven’t ran in 2 years at least, I spent much of the past months in bed. I lost 24 pounds and although I’m slowly starting to get a bit better (I’m eating a shitload, I have bits more energy, I’m less depressed) I’m still weaker than I used to be. Burnt out. And my bed is still often slept on. So my therapist suggested running therapy. To increase my fitness and give me some more energy. I’m constantly afraid of getting tired, of being left without energy, so that’s a good idea. I talked to the therapist/trainer who I’d be working with and after having discussed what was holding me back I decided to start with a 1 on 1 session next week. I could also do a group thing but for some reason it seemed even more ‘therapy-y’? I don’t know.. For some reason every time my therapist offers additional ideas (mindfulness is one, running therapy the other, group therapy might be a thing at some point) I tend to be a bit.. resistant. So I’m wondering..

Has anyone here ever done something like this? What was it like? Did it help? I’m kind of nervous about it.


Also OT if you want! What’s up today?

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