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Running With A Belly - I Have Questions

I honestly don’t know where else to ask this!

(slight TW for weight talk)

Anyway, I had a c-section with WeePiglet and then because I’m lazy, I gained a LOT of weight in the decade after I had her. I weigh 40 pounds more today than I did on the day I gave birth, and I gained almost 40 while pregnant so I’m basically 80 pounds over where I would like to end up.


Over the past couple of years, I have managed to get hold of myself and start getting into shape and all that. I joined a VERY expensive gym situation that I absolutely adore and I am so strong now, it’s awesome. But we don’t do a lot of cardio so I’m not rearranging my fat as well as I would like.

So I have tried running off and on over the years but I never stick with it because it is uncomfortable when I have belly fat that just does whatever the hell it wants. I have tried super-high-waist control-top running tights and even Spanx but the belly WILL NOT BE CONTAINED! Once I start running, the belly starts to move and the tights or whatever just roll right down. It’s hilarious and ridiculous and if liposuction didn’t terrify me and gross me out, I would 100% consider doing it because c’mon, man!


I’d like to do more running and get more consistent about it. My belly has other ideas! So I am looking at a belly band type of contraption but I can’t seem to find one that is not for a pregnant person. There are *some* that are for post-pregnant bodies, but they are more for immediate post-partum, not... thirteen years later post-partum.

Has anyone ever heard of or used anything like what I am describing [poorly]? Thoughts? Ideas? I can sew a little and I’m willing to experiment but I thought I’d throw it out to the hivemind before I start trying to re-invent the wheel.

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