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Rush Limbaugh and Performative Charity

So my dad (a diehard Trump supporter, as is my mother) was telling me about Rush Limbaugh making a large donation to Tunnels to Towers, how the donation helped pay for houses for 8 military families...all because he sold tshirts with the Betsy Ross flag on them as a Fuck You to Nike pulling the sneakers a few weeks back.

I did some research on Tunnels to Towers, and it is an awesome charity (good Guidestar and Charity Navigator ratings). However, I am left with questions:

1. This charity appears to have been established around 2003, according to my reading. Where was Rush way back then to drum up support for their mission? Why is it only 16 years later that he’s decided to support them?


2. Call me cynical, but doesn’t this seem awfully convenient given John Stewart testified before Congress a couple weeks ago about their lack of support for 9/11 survivors?

3. Rush ain’t exactly a pauper. He takes in big bucks via his radio show and endorsements. Enough money he could easily make a donation without having the shirt sale. So why have the sale? (Wait, I know...anything to ‘stick it’ to Kaepernick and the liberals.)


So really (unless I’m looking at this from the wrong angle) Rush gets the credit for a donation he could have easily made without the shirt sales, all so he has one more cudgel he can wield against people like Kaepernick.  Slimy, slimy, slimy...

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