Putin has apparently reached a number of trade and development agreements that include forgiving 90%, or $10 billion USD, in debt largely accumulated during the Post WWII and Cold War Era, as well as pledging 1 billion dollars in the Trans-Siberian Railway. While it's obvious that this is a strategic move and a clear continuation of it's moves to further align itself with China and further distance itself from the US and Europe, I find this really disconcerting. North Korea's long history of unspeakable human rights violations are common knowledge, as well as the megalomaniac tendencies of it's Dear Leader. (If you haven't already and have the stomach for it, I suggest watching the documentary film Kimjongilia for a glimpse of the atrocities going on there). I have no confidence that any of this economic stimulation will go toward bettering the lives of North Korea's impoverished citizens, which is really the only positive that can come from this. I don't know about you, but it makes me nervous when two, very narcissistic leaders with little regard for human rights and nothing but power hungry ambition backed with nuclear weaponry team up.