From Canada. Sorry about that, eh.

When the crew of the Lyubov Orlova ditched the Russian cruise liner in a Newfoundland harbour over a year ago after the crew stopped receiving their pay, who would have thought the ghost ship would make it's way across the Atlantic to our friends in the United Kingdom.

In April of last year, the ship was detected by radar just off the coast of Scotland, though it wasn't possible to verify by plane. Since then, the ship hasn't been spotted and the lifeboat distress signals haven't gone off as they would if the ship had sunk.

After the crew abandoned the ship, it was sent to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped. Along the way, the Newfoundland authorities decided to "cut their losses when it came loose in a storm on the way." The ship has been floating along ever since, filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of disease-ridden rats. Of course the rats have no renewable food sources, so they've turned to eating each other.

Ghost ship. Cannibal rats. The north Atlantic Ocean. Someone call Nick Cage!