Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I harvested a bunch of rutabagas from my garden this morning, and I’m absurdly excited about the meal I plan to make with them tonight. I’m going to make something like a pommes anna (thin slices of rutabaga layered in a well lubricated cast iron pan and baked), but I plan to jazz it up with bacon and sage. I also plan to make something akin to creamed spinach with the green tops, and I’ll serve it all with some fresh bread I have rising at the moment and a nice cabernet sauvignon. Hopefully it goes well, because I’ve never made either of these recipes, and truth be told, I’m not even following a recipe for the layered rutabaga dish because I just made it up. But Boyjangles is used to my experiments. And now, I need to get back to work even though all I really want to do all day is play in my garden and cook this awesome meal.

I never even had a rutabaga before a last winter when I got one in my CSA box. I thought they would be like turnips, which I try to hide in soups and stews, but I found this recipe for a farro and rutabaga salad and absolutely fell in love. They are so sweet, without the bitterness, watery texture, or dirt flavor that turnips get. So then I decided to plant them in my winter garden, and they have done well. The greens are large, mild and tender, so we’ve been able to harvest those over the last few months while the roots were growing This is important because I have very little garden space and thus don’t have room for something that takes ages and ages to produce a single vegetable. But I’d say the rutabagas have earned their keep.


So GT - have any good rutabaga recipes? Or any other good winter vegetable recipes?

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