Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Has anyone else seen this? Tucker Carlson invited him onto his show and Bregman just lays into Carlson’s and Fox News’ hypocrisy. The segment was obviously unaired, but Bregman had his end recorded and released it on You Tube.

I has vaguely heard about this guys who called out the millionaires/billionaires at the World Economic Summit in Davos this year:


So Tucker Carlson invites him onto his show on Fox, since in his mind, this guy is calling out the rich “progressives” for their hypocrisy. But Bregman is having none of it and calmly tells Carlson that he’s just as bad as the people at the summit and Carlson loses his mind. And literally tells Bregman to go fuck himself.

Bregman is my hero.

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