I will let our President respond first

No. Hell No. Sorry I am really upset. According to People magazine he is in talks to be on the show as part of redemption tour and E! says no. Considering I used to subscribe to People and also as a Christmas gift subscription I have to trust People more..

No. Its to early for a redemption tour plus being on this show seems to be a reward not redemption. Actually it is a reward. So donā€™t give me this bull on redemption.

Also there is no such thing as over exaggeration. Its called lying. As Judge Judy once said ā€œdonā€™t pee on my shoes and call it rainā€.


This show should be a reward for excellence and popularity in sports and interesting celebs. Not redemption. Redemption meams doing something for others not dancing on the dance floor to win a trophy thatā€™s not possibly be in the realm of redemption.

If Lochte wants redemption how about spending 14 weeks in Rio teaching poor kids to swim or helping Zika victims. Not on camera, not in dancing clothes, not in front of nation. 14 weeks I believe is one season of DWTS. Thatā€™s redemption.


Unless I am out of date in defining redemptionm.